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2D Design & Animation,

Cel Animation

Produced in

Genesis Motion Design

Genesis Animated Logos

Garden of Eden was more straightforward in conceptualisation, with reference to the Book of Genesis. I designed the garden I always imagined as a child whenever I heard the story of Adam and Eve.

Cosmos was a bit more abstract in trying to convey the idea of 'beyond'. It was also a lot more fun as I went for a style that was more painterly-looking. I tried to mimic the texture of the canvas and animation of paint strokes, in which I cel animated a few strokes of about 6 to 10 frames each.


Hachiko 2.0

This was a fun piece as it was one of those crazy and random ideas that suddenly popped into my head when asked to design a Chinese New Year sticker for social media posts.


My design features a 'buddha-looking' dog (2018 being the lunar new year of the dog), with mounds of fat and one paw holding a wad of cash. Since my design was pretty comedic in nature, I decided to use a chinese phrase that matched the level of humor. "紅包拿來" can be translated to "give me money", which is often jokingly said amongst youngsters.

Motion Corpse

Some colleagues and I decided to do a motion corpse in which we split one long form social post into three parts, with me getting the back of the beast.

I imagined a scenario in which the tails had personalities of their own and were always fighting with each other (similar to Pain and Panic in Hercules).

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