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Title Sequence

Concept, Design, Art Direction

A desire to break away from my usual and try something new

Playing with all the colours in the spectrum but retaining a certain air of unease

Although the series takes on a more comedic approach, I wanted the narrative and art direction of my title sequence to lean towards the darker subliminal undertones in the show.


When I received the brief, I jumped at the chance to redesign the title sequence of one of my favourite TV series - Lucifer.

Unlike the original logo sequence. I sought an aesthetic to replicate the look of altarpieces, which emerged through digitally hand-painted sketchy brush strokes and cinematic lighting.

What really stood out to me was the nightclub vibe that was prevalent throughout the show.

Thus, I decided that my styleframes would mimic the lurid color palette of Lucifer’s nightclub LUX.

As a rule of thumb, I tried to ensure a balance of primordial and modern throughout all designs.

Medusa Gothic was the chosen display serif typeface as I felt that it provided a very unique and striking look.

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