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Art Direction, Styleframes Design, 2D & 3D Animation, Compositing, Minor Cel Clean Ups

Produced in

Genesis Motion Design

01 - The Brief

Collaborating with YETI Pictures, the team at Genesis were approached to ideate and bring to life a 60s video that would best represent the fiery passion and energy of BWIN and EuroLeague Basketball.

From winning the pitch to producing the 60s premiere spot, the team worked towards capturing the dynamism and excitement of Euroleague’s players through imagining them as heroes with super powers, fighting their way for glory - the Euroleague crown!

02 - The Approach


The Pitch

These are some of the initial styleframes that I designed for the second art direction proposed in the pitch, starring Vassillis Spanoulis and Nick Calathes.

My approach leaned towards a more abstract and angular style, contrasting against the first art direction that was more realistic. A limited color palette was selected in order to bring visual focus to the player and his team against the monochromatic world behind.

Below is the full set of styleframes consisting of all the players and teams that the team produced within a short span of time.
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