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Kris+ App


Concept, Pitch, Storyboarding

Produced in


01 - The Brief

Sixtoes approached various creative agencies to pitch in order to promote the Kris+ app and encourage users to enjoy great rewards with every dollar spent. Their topline idea was a Rube Goldberg machine, whereby from the tap of a finger, one small action would lead to a chain reaction of various rewards that could also eventually lead to obtaining a getaway.

The incremental benefits and domino effect of one tap were showcased through a series of 3D environments, all connecting to one another in a continuous motion. The initial idea was to use a recurring iconic element - the ‘+’ icon of the Kris+ App logo - travelling through the whole setup and changing into the different rewards.

02 - The Approach


The Pitch &

The pitch deck that I worked on, which was presented can be found here.

Below is the final storyboard that another designer and I worked on in order to better visualise the narrative flow and the elements that would need to be created within the various scenes.