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Still life that's definitely not still at all.

The Idea

Taking common objects (there's almost always a jug and some kind of fruit) and putting a spin on them, literally. 

I really love Binggrae banana milk so of course that got included too. Plus, I thought 'why not throw in some cel for fun?' - thus the balloon dog who is the instigator of the whole motion.

This was a fun project where I could combine both my 2D & 3D skillsets.


Nanaba Milk~

Illustration, 3D Modeling, UV Texturing, Cel Animation, Compositing



I started out with illustrating in Photoshop, playing around with a messier handdrawn visual look -  a style that I rarely execute in client projects.

Modelling & Texturing

Once I finished modelling the jug, mangosteen and banana milk, I UV unwrapped the banana milk as it had the most animation and was so much easier to do in 3D. I did about 5-6 frames per texture to get the posterised look that would blend in better with the cel animation.


An overview from start to finish - animating the base in C4D, doing the cel work of the Balloon Dog in Photoshop, and finally compositing all the layers in After Effects.

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