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Concept, 2D Design & Animation, Compositing

Produced in

Genesis Motion Design

01 - The Brief

The festival theme for 2018 was 'Journey = Destination'. As one of the selected studios, Genesis Motion Design had to create a motion piece in response to that theme. The best part was that we were our own clients and were allowed full creative reign.

We chose to adopt a quirky, cheesy and fun tone of voice to narrate our struggle of answering such an open brief. Thus, our creative process as designers sparked the storyline for this motion response. Rather than focusing on the endless pursuit of the best concept, it's about the little tidbits along the way that we should just enjoy.

02 - The Approach


After the conceptualisation and storyboarding process, we all split up and designed a frame each to find the art direction that fit the narrative best. This was my initial styleframe in which I combined photography, textures and illustration.
However, the art direction was decided upon when we all worked together to meet the tight deadline and produce a key visual. We went for a simpler design with the character forms being more organic such that they would visually contrast against the more angular backgrounds.