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V4 Pro


Concept, 3D UI, 2D Design & Animation

Produced in


01 - The Brief

Razer wanted us to showcase the next phase of battlestation evolution with the ultimate mechanical gaming keyboard - the Blackwidow V4 Pro. This keyboard had a lot more features designed for advanced control and more chroma compared to its previous version.

We designed this video to convey not only a visual experience, but an auditory one as well. Sound design was key, in which adjustments of the keyboard within the visuals would also affect the output of the audio levels, and possibly even the soundtrack as well. Visually, the keyboard's customisability and control are showcased through its interactive relationship with the surrounding.

02 - The Approach


Concept & The 2D Side of Things

The creative proposal that I worked on and presented can be found here.

My skills in the production phase mainly focused on the kinetic typography animation for the KSPs and one-liner. An additional bonus for me was designing and animating the 3D UI design that was composited into the last scene.

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