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Edge 5G


Concept, 2D Design

& Animation

Produced in


01 - The Brief

Razer approached the team to work on a video for their handheld gaming device - the Razer Edge that delivers the best gaming experience, even on the go. Their main campaign tagline was "Play Everything From Anywhere".

We focused on the harmonious relationship between Razer Edge 5G, Verizon Network and all the different games, linking them together visually through the recurring element of lines. We decided to break away from the usual setting by building an abstract space that was more gaming-related, and also representing complex systems in a simplified manner.

02 - The Approach


Concept & The 2D Side of Things

The creative proposal that I worked on and presented can be found here.

I started with sketching out how I envisioned the overall environment look in this video as we strayed from the usual high-tech lab setting. The 3D designer then referenced my drawing and brought it to life.

The other 2D aspect involved designing and animating the UI and kinetic typography. Specifically for the typography animation, I wanted it to be related to gaming, thus the elements that form the letters are the icons from game controllers - the square, circle, triangle and cross.

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