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Basilisk V3
Pro Mouse


Concept, 2D Typography Design & Animation

Produced in


01 - The Brief

Razer approached Carbon to introduce the new Basilisk V3 Pro Mouse "that pushes all known limits of performance, customisation and control". We were tasked to showcase all the new features that distinguish the V3 Pro mouse as the king of Razer’s immersive gaming line and the “most advanced gaming mouse yet”.

Injecting the Basilisk character into an immersive gaming experience, we fused mythology and technology. Likening the mouse to the myths surrounding the legendary serpent it’s named after, our narrative was based on the Basilisk being an apex predator in its visually cloying futuristic hi-tech ecosystem. This reflects the V3 Pro mouse as the king reigning supreme over all others through its oppressive force, chroma-infused noxious influence and epic proportions of formidability.

02 - The Approach


Concept & The 2D Side of Things

The creative proposal that I worked on and presented can be found here.

Below is the kinetic typography animation for the KSPs and one-liner. The glitch visual look mimics the chroma venom in the original concept pitch, with the colorful tech-designed type stretching like liquid with a sleek motion.

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