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Razer Mamba Hyperflux
& Firefly Hyperflux


2D Design & Animation,

3D Compositing 

Produced in

Genesis Motion Design

Razer commissioned Genesis Motion Design to create a promotional video to explain the science behind their 'Hyperflux' technology.

01 - The Brief

In contrast to the full CGI/3D promotional content that Razor usually favors, we chose to do something different by making it look more graphical through cel animation and more 2D design elements.

02 - The Approach


A compilation of some of the R&D which the team did for this project.


Since the snake was already the main character, I decided that each particle would replicate a firefly in motion but still retain a sleek modern tech graphical look.


All the particle simulations were done in After Effects using the Form and Particular plugins, with glow added on top.

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